Northwood Floating Eyeball 05

3 thoughts on “Northwood Floating Eyeball 05

  1. I Love Lana’s Room. I Have to point out a couple crucial details, here, for appreciation: there is a ceiling lamp in the wide shot of her room, oft-forgot and rarely appreciated. The light from the porch *is also on the bushes*. That is Intentional thought right there, dude. The speech on this page is just pristine, too! Those have to be the best grumbles I’ve seen – I keep trying to find words in them, even though I’m 98% sure those squiggles never started life as words (…right?). Then that looooooong tail when Lana’s name is called? I can hear the distance from the door. So much in such a little space!

    1. It makes me so happy when those kind of details get noticed! Sometimes I feel like I overthink them, but then a comment like this is the payoff.

  2. Oh, Such amazing work! It’s one of the reasons I like yours so well: so much happens between the words or even images. It’s subtle and sometimes, appropriately, SUB-tle, but always thoughtfully crafted.

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