The Northwood Floating Eyeball 06

3 thoughts on “The Northwood Floating Eyeball 06

  1. I’m trying to pin Lana’s age down. Before, I would have guessed maybe 15, but next to this other kid I almost want to say 11~13. Or, y’know, 7, for all I can tell. After all, applying abrupt heat and force to science is fun for all ages! 😀 (I’m joking, kids, DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. ONLY AT SCIENCE WORLD.)

    1. She’s supposed to be 13, and big bro is 17. I have learned though that my inability to tell peoples’ ages in real life translates into character’s ages being ambiguous when I draw, so I don’t blame you for wondering XD

  2. I can’t ever tell age. I go thru life thinking all my friends are exactly my age, gice or take a month xP

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