The Northwood Floating Eyeball 20

4 thoughts on “The Northwood Floating Eyeball 20

  1. First, I absolutely love your faces. They’re so expressive! Second, the progression makes them even better xD Third, **Oh mah gahd comments section how did I miss this all this time must rectify** 0-0

    1. Thanks! Expressions are one of my favourite things to draw. Also all your comments made my day <3

  2. //I still love these faces oh mah gaaahd// xD I couldn’t fully contain the snort at 4:30am

  3. I may have just shown my dad this page because I got talking your *expressions* and lemme tell ya: getting a laugh outta this guy for a comic is big. Don’t get me wrong, he loves laughing and comics – i got my sense of humor from Somewhere – but this was more than just a grin or puff of air thru the nose!

    I just love this page so much 🙂

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